The Sacred Species of Israel

A prosperous land… 
A land of wheat and barley, of vines, of figs, of pomegranates,

a land of olives, of oil, of honey. (Deuteronomy 8:8) 

​​​ Symbolism

Barley:                Barley symbolizes fertility of the earth and the                                            awakening life, and all that is good in the natural world.                  

Date Palm:         The date palm symbolizes grace, elegance and                                           triumph, and exaltation in righteousness.

Fig:                      Fig symbolizes peace, prosperity, and security.

Grape:                Grape symbolizes redemption and grace; of                                                 fertility and the sweetness of life.

Olive:                  Olive symbolizes immortality, fruitfulness, peace,                                       plenty and prosperity. The tree of life.

Pomegranate:    Pomegranate symbolizes regeneration and                                                 fertility, righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom.

Wheat:                Wheat symbolizes fertility of the earth, the awakening                                 of life, love and charity and the cycle of life.

Each Mezuzah case is made in either yellow or white bronze and measures

approximately, 4½" long, 1" wide and ½" deep and holds a 2½" scroll.

Each Mezuzah case comes with:

1 foil wrapped 2½" non Kosher Scroll printed on rag paper. Blessing Sheet,

extra tubing and foil for wrapping a Kosher Scroll, 2 trim head screws,

1 square head driver bit, and a template for affixing the Mezuzah.