Diane Egbert's work can be found at

Gravers Lane Gallery in Philadelphia PA,  

Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths in Santa Fe NM,  and on Etsy.com

The brilliant light, vibrant flora and geological formations of the Sonoran Desert inform Diane Egbert's jewelry and Judaica, which has evolved over 40 years. Her current studio work brings together contemporary design, traditional metalsmithing, and computer technology, culminating in an individual style infused with attention to composition, color and detail.

Diane earned her BFA in Experimental Studio Design at Syracuse University in 1973. Her studies included metal and ceramics with a focus on sculptural work. Upon graduating, her interest shifted to making jewelry where she continued to cultivate her love of three-dimensional design on a more intimate level.

In 1977, Diane started her first independent studio with a fellow goldsmith in Hanover New Hampshire. They created custom jewelry for local clients and reached a wider market by selling their work at ACC shows in Rhinebeck NY and Baltimore MD.

 Drawn to the intense beauty of the high desert, Diane moved to the Southwest in 1984 to pursue a solo career in goldsmithing. As her jewelry became more distinctive, she was eventually represented by dozens of important galleries across the United States. Her designs transitioned from polished two-dimensional concepts to fabricated hollow forms that feature intricately textured surfaces and volume. Combined metals and nontraditional stones became more and more central to her pieces.


Diane's techniques include hollow form construction, reticulation, mokume gane, and 3D computer aided design, the latter enabling her to create her own library of the deeply layered textures used in much of her work.

 Although her jewelry has classic and contemporary elements, Diane's oeuvre extends beyond the boundaries of category. Her creations are more than adornment. Each piece is a personal sculpture.